LS War College

War Colleges & Misc. Projects

Dana's Seminar

Seminars that are useful and interesting

Dana Lombardy attends several conventions and conferences every year and runs a War College at one or more of these. (Visit for Dana’s current work status.)

Dana’s War Colleges include seminars and lectures by Dana and other knowledgeable historians about famous and little known historical events. Check the calendar for the dates of the next War Colleges.

Interested? Contact Dana if you would like a single presentation or full symposium.

Alternative Histories

“What If?” speculation can be fascinating. Games enable us to test such theories and alternative scenarios are part of Dana’s designs. Author, game designer and alternative history expert Kenneth Hite works with Dana at the DunDraCon annual convention to explore these at the DDC War College.

Download a PDF with a list of Dana and Ken’s recommended Alt Hist websites, books, and articles here.

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