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Grant RisingGrant Rising

Grant Rising is first in a series of American Civil War map studies. These books are far more than just atlases. The maps are all in color, with tint variations to differentiate commands and track formations in complex battles. You can read more details and see sample maps here .

Original artwork by Keith Rocco is presented in Grant Rising.

The 9th Illinois was sent to reinforce Stuart’s Brigade on the far left of the Federal Line at the battle of Shiloh. On April 6 the regiment suffered the highest loss of any Illinois regiment in the Civil War and the most casualties of any regiment at Shiloh: 366 killed, wounded, and missing out of 578 present for duty (63% loss rate). It is the only regiment with two monuments on the Shiloh battlefield. Keith Rocco’s painting shows the desperate, close-range fighting.
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Normally Grant Rising costs $50, but it is on sale now for only $25 with free shipping to USA addresses. BONUS: You will also receive a FREE copy of the 20-page full color battlefield guidebook The First Battle of Bull Run, created by Dana Lombardy. (A $6 value while supplies last.) Bull Run includes detailed tactical maps and illustrated orders-of-battle. This offer is only available here .

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“Grant Rising is breathtaking. How I wish I had this book when doing Grant Moves South or working on the Shiloh game for West End! I love the way it emphasizes the command organizations, both in the maps and in the diagrams. This is too often neglected—armies are treated as a big pile of Rebels against a bigger heap of Yankees, not the way it was at all. Your clear color diagrams of the army organizations are a beautiful sight for anyone who’s worked his way through the small print of Battles & Leaders! I also love the way your campaign maps clearly indicate dates as the armies progressed, as this is critical to understanding the action at that level. It’s a beautiful volume and I will treasure it.”

—Jonathan Southard, multiple award-winning designer of Grant Moves South, The Battle of Shiloh, and numerous other wargames

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