Surviving a horrific wound

3 Stories from The Great War

Gerald D. Swick, who was an editor and proofreader of the rules for MacGowan & Lombardy’s The Great War™ card game, authored a newspaper column of historical information about his home state, West Virginia, for more than 16 years. With Gerald’s permission three of those columns that dealt with the First World War are offered to the Kickstarter and BackerKit customers who post their feedback about the game. You can read more by Gerald in his always fascinating “Once, in America, a quirky American history blog” at

#3 Surviving a horrific wound

An American pilot’s training accident went horribly wrong before he could be deployed to France. A gifted surgeon’s work on this young airman’s face was hailed as “among the most remarkable performed during the war”—and gave him the hope of living a normal life after the disastrous crash.

This article originally appeared in the Clarksburg Exponent Telegram July 11, 2010


3 GS Stories from The Great War #3 Surviving a Horrific Wound

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