What’s New at Lombardy Studios

Printed books now on way from printer via sea container. Arriving early 2022.


Card back

McGowan & Lombardy’s The Great War™ card game HAS BEEN FUNDED ON KICKSTARTER!


Three Moves Ahead interview with Dana Lombardy

Learn in this March 12, 2021, Three Moves Ahead podcast how Dana discovered the hobby of wargaming and got hooked on it.

Dana Lombardy interviewed by Harold on Games

On November 19, 2020, the Harold on Games podcast interviewed Dana Lombardy on YouTube about MacGowan and Lombardy’s The Great War card game, his involvement in the game field in the 1970s, the differences he discovered in designing card games as opposed to board games, and how he came to be a talking head on television history programs.

No Dice No Glory podcast

Dana discusses the background of M&L’s The Great War as well as wargame design theory, World War One history, and more in a No Dice No Glory podcast.

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