American Civil War – 2023 Spring Sales and Updates

Project Updates 4/17/23


The next volumes in the Lee at War and Map Study Series (Grant Rising is volume #1) are under development.


Historical book author and miniatures wargame scenario designer Scott L. Mingus is working with Dana to create several unusual mini games about the Gettysburg campaign.


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Robert E Lee at War









Robert E. Lee at War: Hope Arises from Despair

This is an amazing book, well-researched and thoughtfully presented about the story of Robert E. Lee’s ascension to command in June of 1862 of what would arguably become the most important of the Confederate armies: the Army of Northern Virginia. Author Scott Bowden used unpublished manuscripts, papers, and special collections as well as official records and memoirs to explain how Lee restructured a badly organized and dispirited force outside the Confederate capital of Richmond, devised a counter offensive, and then executed it starting on June the 26th, not even a month after meeting with his division commanders. Lee then fought five major battles in seven days, seizing the initiative in the campaign and driving the Federals from Richmond. It was one of the most remarkable feats in military history.

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320 pages, large 9.5×12.75 format, leather binding, 29 color maps and numerous color images, five appendices, annotated endnotes, index.

SALE PRICE $85 (regularly $200). FREE SHIPPING to USA addresses only.








Grant Rising: Mapping the Career of a Great Commander through 1862

“Grant Rising is breathtaking. How I wish I had this book when doing Grant Moves South or working on the Shiloh game for West End! … Your clear color diagrams of the army organizations are a beautiful sight for anyone who’s worked his way through the small print of Battles & Leaders! … It’s a beautiful volume and I will treasure it”

—Jonathan Southard, multiple award-winning designer of Grant Moves South, The Battle of Shiloh, and numerous other wargames.

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112 pages, 11×8.5 landscape format, 46 full-color full-page maps of tactical, operational, and strategic situations, 8 pages of orders-of-battle. Different tints of red and blue differentiate commands – unique to our maps and essential to understanding command relationships in complex battles – colors tints help separate multiple units of the same side on a single map, making the action easier to understand.

SALE PRICE $19.95 (regularly $29.95). FREE SHIPPING to USA addresses only.

If you buy the book you also get the Bull Run battlefield guide FREE (see description below).








The First Battle of Bull Run: Campaign of First Manassas

A 20-page, full-color battlefield guidebook, features detailed tactical maps and illustrated orders-of-battle.

See maps and other graphics here

$9.95 FREE SHIPPING to USA addresses only.

If you buy the Grant Rising book you also get the Bull Run battlefield guide FREE.


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