Napoleon’s Last Army Supporters Letter

October 2020

Dear Napoleon’s Last Army Supporters:

I have very good news concerning the Napoleon’s Last Army books you ordered so long ago.

I am sincerely sorry that due to unforeseeable circumstances both professional and personal the series of books envisioned and promoted as Napoleon’s Last Army (NLA) has been “missing in action” for so long. I am humbled that you have been so incredibly patient with me.

But as I said, there is “good news from the front.” As a Napoleonic enthusiast, I wanted to publish the best possible information on the army that Napoleon led into Belgium in 1815—and finally I can do that, but It required canceling the proposed NLA series of four 96-page books.

Instead, in late 2021 Lombardy Studios will publish the first of two large-format, 400-page hardcover volumes by Scott Bowden, author of the acclaimed Armies at Waterloo book published in 1983, that will include even more information than was envisioned for the NLA series. These two books will retail for more than the NLA series would have—but as a thank-you for your patience those who paid the pre-publication price will receive the first 400-page volume – Armies at Waterloo second editionat no additional cost than what you already paid for the first 2 96-page NLA books. This includes shipping that you also already paid.

Armies at Waterloo is an expanded second edition that compares the Anglo-Allied and Prussian armies with the French Armée du Nord and incorporates additional information Scott collected from the French archives in the early 1980s, data that was misfiled or otherwise simply not available to our research efforts in 2015.

Scott’s second book in this new two-volume set will be titled Napoleon’s Last Armies and will include data and commentary on ALL of the French armies that were raised for the 1815 campaign. This is currently scheduled for a 2022 release.

This two-volume series features:

  1. Data on all of the French military units in 1815 (Napoleon’s Last Armies);
  2. New color paintings by Keith Rocco of the French front line and rear area troops in 1815;
  3. The latest scholarship on the 1815 campaign; and
  4. Analysis by Scott Bowden – a renowned Napoleonic researcher, author, and game designer.

You can read the official press release here.

Scott and I are composing a series of regular blog updates that detail what’s different and what will be in these two volumes. You can read the first one here.


  1. Full refund via PayPal to those who pre-paid for the first 2 volumes of NLA.
  2. OR…accept the Armies at Waterloo second edition book. Your payment for the two NLA books will cover A@W, including shipping.
  3. OR…accept the new Napoleon’s Last Armies book to be released in 2022. Your payment for the two NLA books will cover this new NLA book, including shipping.

BONUS 1: If you choose option 2 or 3, I will provide you at no cost searchable PDFs of the seventeen issues of Napoleon magazine/journal published from 1996 to 2000. These PDFs contain more than 1,200 pages of Napoleonic history, including color maps, color orders-of-battle, and color illustrations, in articles written by an international group of contributors.

BONUS 2: If you choose option 2 or 3, you will also receive a 25% discount on the purchase of one copy of the upcoming 2021 Napoleonic art book featuring more than 60 new images painted by world-famous military artist Keith Rocco. Keith’s last art book was On Campaign in the Age of Napoleon, published in 2006. I am making this discount available only to those supporters who purchased the first 2 NLA books.

Thank you again for your patience and continued support. I do not have the words to fully express my gratitude to you.

If your shipping address changed since 2015, please provide the new information.

Best regards,

Dana Lombardy

(website just re-launched with important improvements)

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