Basic Tower Games™️

Basic Tower Games™️ are a system of solo, 2-player, and multi-player competitions designed around a dice tower. The original idea was created by Seth Crofton using a high-quality tower design by C4 Labs, a Tacoma, Washington-based game accessory manufacturer below majestic Mount Rainier. Dana Lombardy joined to help develop scenarios and the future Kickstarter.

Instead of a map or game board the dice tower becomes the playing field. The dice tower has slots or holes where players insert cards that are obstacles, goal levels, or the key objectives of a particular scenario. The dice tower represents a battleground that can be an actual vertical tower or a linear measurement of space or time. Scenarios under development include science fiction, fantasy, and even historical combats – actual towers/forts, modern hostage rescues, high skyscrapers or deep dungeon crawls. Plus you can always use them as standard dice towers to roll dice in any other game.

Basic Tower Games™️ also use playing cards for characters and weapons that succeed or fail based upon the roll ( or fall ) of the dice. Holding or conquering the dice tower is the ultimate purpose. We like to think of this as an innovative application of a familiar gaming accessory – a truly vertical game design.

Currently we are putting together a Kickstarter by teaming up with League of Comic Geeks artist and creator Tom Lintern on a cyberpunk scenario called Mall Cop (formerly Mullet Cop) series which is set in the future with an 1980’s retro vibe. We also have outlines for a dungeon/tower fantasy series and a Skyscraper rescue mission. Dice results are random so no scenario will play exactly the same way twice. Each shuffle of the cards and fall of the dice present a new challenge and experience.

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