Streets of Stalingrad Reborn


Kickstarter launch in 2025

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Dana and his friend and super playtester Charles Schwartz at Consimworld Expo 2022. Charles helped with the MacGowan & Lombardy’s THE GREAT WAR card game. Charles provided great feedback on the pre-playtest prototype of SOS4.

Streets of Stalingrad™ Reborn (SOS4)

✔     1 Game map 19.25-inches x 28.5 inches
4th pre-playtest prototype map – click to enlarge

✔     250 ¾-inch counters, sample counters

Download the Terrain Effects Chart here.


Top row: Maneuver Units (MU)
Far left – German 191 Infantry Regiment of 71st Infantry Division front side, and back side that shows the white 6-sided die and extra Command Decision card it uses for resolving battles.
Hidden Strength Point marker (3).
Far right – Soviet 42 Rifle Brigade (independent) front side, and back side that shows the green 4-sided die it uses for resolving battles.
Bottom row: Support Units (SU)
Far left – German front (hidden) side of a generic StuG Battalion unit that provides a column shift of 1 on the back when revealed for combat.
Far right – Soviet front (hidden) side of a generic unit representing available commissars that provide a +1 DRM on the back when revealed for combat. Commissars can be anything from a -2 to a +2 DRM depending on what the Soviet player randomly pulls for a battle.

✔     20 3-day Turn campaign game (plus shorter scenarios)


SOS4 game scale  Original three SOS editions 1979-2002
German regiments Infantry companies, tank platoons, artillery battalions
Soviet Regiments and Brigades same as German unit counters noted above
Hexes = 1.5 kilometers 300 meters
Estimated playing time = 5 hours Many days
some scenarios take less than 1 hour


✔     NEW Random Event & Command Decision cards

SOS4 is card boosted, not a card-driven game

Sample cards – click to enlarge

✔     NEW multiple dice to reflect the experience level of units

Green 4-sided = “green” or inexperienced or poorly trained troops

White 6-sided = veteran troops

Red (Soviet) and Blue (German) 10-sided = elite troops

Defender also simultaneously rolls an extra die for the terrain–

Black 10-sided for factories & special structures

Silver (gray) 6-sided for city (urban) areas

Yellow (tan) 4-sided for all other hexes


✔     NEW GAME SYSTEM using cards and “chit” pulls
to reflect supply restrictions that limited operations

Download the SOS4 Reborn Outline and how a Turn works here.



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