World War Two – 2023 Spring Sales and Updates

Project Updates 4/17/23







World War Warriors: Amazing Aerocatures™️ of World War II Aircraft100% Funded on Kickstarter

The book and games will be ready to ship in June and we will post the link to the store where you can buy them.

1 fast-playing card game / 1 exciting digital computer game / 1 incredible art book

Hank Caruso has been creating unique, imaginative images of aircraft for 50 years. This book is no ordinary art or aviation book. It is filled with historical posters, ads, and archival images from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. Some of these historical pieces came from Hank’s personal collection. Kickstarter ends May 3. Early bird discounts are still available!


Dana is now developing a new D-Day book featuring Keith Rocco’s massive murals now on exhibit at the First Division Museum at Cantigny in Wheaton, Illinois (Chicago). The Kickstarter for it should launch on June 6 (appropriately!).

A web page with sample pieces of the mural art and extra paintings by Keith should be posted in May.

We will continue to update you over the next two months as it moves closer to the Kickstarter launch.








Streets of Stalingrad™ – Death of a City 2-player and solo board game

Three editions of Dana’s huge, “monster” game with more than 1,000 counters (playing pieces) and 8-foot game map were published between 1979 and 2022. This totally new fourth edition has just one 19.25×28.5 game map and only 250 large ¾-inch counters. The Kickstarter is scheduled to launch in October.

SOS 4 recently had more images and the latest version of the game map posted.

Read more and see the latest component art here










Stalingrad: New Perspectives on an Epic Battle2 NEW 2023 releases

By renowned historian Christer Bergström

Volume 1: The Doomed City – from the start of Operation Blue in late June 1942 to the German 6th Army reaching the outskirts of the city in September. This volume debunks many myths, including –

* The myth of the Red Army’s blocking troops.
* The myth that the Red Army voluntarily withdrew.
* The myth that the Germans arrogantly tried to capture more than they could.
* The myth of the importance of Lend-Lease supplies from the United States to the Soviet Union.
* The myth of “Hitler’s mistakes.”

Volume 1: 320 pages with 109 photos, timeline & rank chart & glossary, 5 maps (maps can be downloaded), 7 appendices.
Read the review of Volume 1 here.


Volume 2: The City of Death – the house-to-house struggle for the city to the destruction of the German 6th Army. This volume answers the questions –

The German air bridge – why did it fail?

How could the Russians persevere?

What was General Paulus’s greatest mistake?

The myths about “Pavlov’s house” and the Mamayev Kurgan hill.

The German plan to evacuate Stalingrad –why did it fail?

A critical analysis of historiography of writing after the battle.

Volume 2: 320 pages with 94 photos, timeline & rank chart & glossary, 9 maps (maps can be downloaded), 5 appendices.
Read the review of Volume 2 here.


SALE PRICE $39.95 each book (regularly $49.95). FREE SHIPPING to USA addresses only.

SPECIAL BUNDLE SALE PRICE $69.95 for both books FREE SHIPPING to USA addresses only.










Black Cross * Red Star: Air War Over the Eastern Front, Volume 1 Operation Barbarossa

Updated and revised edition 2021 By renowned historian Christer Bergström.

When the first edition of Volume 1 was published twenty years ago, it was an immediate success. That edition sold out in about a year, and since no new edition was published, it has become a rarity. This new, second edition (published in 2021) not only has much higher quality research but also contains twice the word count of the first edition. It also includes many new photos (many of which are from pilot veterans photo albums and have never been published before).

382 incredibly detailed pages with charts and tables, 8.5×12 hardcover format, nearly 300 photos, color aircraft profiles, maps, appendices including orders-of-battle for both the Luftwaffe and Soviet Air Force in June 1941 and the structure of each nation’s air organizations.
Read the review of Black Cross * Red Star here.

SALE PRICE $59.95 (regularly $69.95). FREE SHIPPING to USA addresses only.










T-34 and SU-152 hardcover books – the Russian View

“I have over 800 books on tanks and AFV’s. And I can say the two books on the T-34 and SU-152 are the best, most informative and fact filled of any books I have. They are scholarly efforts that provide information not written about in any other book I have.”
– Brian Willis

For the first time in English — Photos and drawings from secret Soviet archives and museums — many never previously published. Recently translated documents are used to present the Soviet Russian stories of the T-34 and SU-152. (This is why we call them “The Russian View.”)

The T-34 Goes to War chronicles the real story of this famous medium tank, from its troubled conception to its first, desperate combat actions in the cauldron of Barbarossa. Thousands of T-34s were available in June 1941 – why did they fail to stop the German panzer groups? Soviet archival records admit to some astonishing problems.

T-34: 236 pages with 94 photos, 28 tables, 6 charts and diagrams, 9 maps, 2 appendices, 2 11x 17 illustrated tactical organization and equipment charts displaying 1940 and 1941 tank battalions, 8-page full-color foldout with armor profiles.

In The SU-152 and Related Vehicles you will learn about the design and evolution of the legendary self-propelled gun on the KV chassis, including many little-known prototypes and proposed alternate models. Called the “beast killer” at Kursk for its ability to destroy German Tiger and Panther tanks. What disaster led to the shortage of these “bunker busters” in the final push into Germany in 1945?

SU-152: 264 pages with 102 photos, 105 illustrations and diagrams, 6 tables and charts, 2 11x 17 illustrated blueprints displaying a 152mm cannon and SU-152 vehicle, 2-page full-color foldout with SU-152 cut-a-way profile, 8 pages of full-color armor profiles.

Download and read excerpts from both books and see illustrations and art here

SALE PRICE $19.95 each book (regularly $29.95). FREE SHIPPING to USA addresses only.

T-34/SU-152 BUNDLE $35 FREE SHIPPING to USA addresses only.

Bundle comes with the SU-152 REFERENCE & TUTORIAL filled with facts and history about the “Beast Killer” of German tanks FREE (a $5 value).


Send payment via PayPal to (contact Dana for shipping to other countries).

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