The Camp at Dresden, 1812-1813

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Le camp de Dresde, 1812-1813

Edition inédite du manuscrit de A. Sauerweid

The Camp at Dresden, 1812-1813
The previously unpublished manuscript of A. Sauerweid

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Eyewitness French uniform illustrations by Alexander Sauerweid before Napoleon’s last victory in Germany in the summer of 1813.
In 1813 Alexander Sauerweid (1783-1844) created dozens of uniform plates based upon the soldiers in the French Army and its allies encamped around the city of Dresden before Napoleon’s victory there on August 26-27. These plates have been known to collectors, but until now they were not published as a single collection.

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Editions Epopees published this 2-book set in French in December 2021. A limited number of English editions became available in 2022. See below for how to order a set.

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● Only 175 sets were published in English
● Less than 20 sets in English are available in North America as of January 6, 2024
● 2-volume boxed set
● 244 total pages
● Large page format 9.4 inches by 12.5 inches (24 cm x 32 cm)
● Volume 1 – 450+ illustrations; Volume 2 – Analysis of the plates, manuscript context & history.
● Based upon the extensive uniform plate collection of artist Edouard Detaille (1848-1912)
● Plate analysis by researcher and author Vincent Bourgeot
● Foreword by Jean Tulard, member of the Institut de France
● Commentary by uniform experts and authors Alfred Umhey and Yves Martin
● For orders in the UK, EU, and rest of Europe, contact:
● For orders in the USA the cost is $199 USD plus $20 shipping paid via PayPal to
● For orders in Canada the cost is $199 USD plus $30 shipping paid via PayPal to

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