Cachets Commemorate World War One

Shown above are veterans USMC MajGen Mike Myatt (left), San Francisco Postmaster General Abraham Cooper, and SF Fleet Week board director Ed Flowers ©️ San Francisco Chronicle


By Dana Lombardy. Help the ongoing educational efforts of the San Francisco War Memorial Veterans Building by purchasing the 100th anniversary collectible cachets (envelopes) with the new World War One “Turning the Tide” Forever postage stamp.

Each affordably priced cachet is printed on acid-free paper and has a unique 1918 theme and story about the role each group played in helping to win this catastrophic war. Eight different cachets feature:

  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • U.S. Navy and Coast Guard
  • U.S. Air Service
  • U.S. Women
  • African Americans
  • U.S. Animals
  • San Francisco War Memorial Veterans Building dedicated to all who served in World War One.

Buy an individual cachet or all 8

Prices include shipping to a U.S. address. Contact us for shipping outside the U.S.A.

For collectors, history enthusiasts, and supporters of our military.

Thank you for helping us preserve this history and remember the service of these brave Americans.


Cachet Set Cachet Set of 8 + Stamp + Cancellation $25.00 Click the picture to view close ups of each cachet and BUY one or more sets with stamps and cancellations. Price includes heavy duty shipping carton and postage to a USA address.
display Acrylic Display Stand $12.00 Display your cachets with a 7-inch by 5-inch acrylic stand that shows one cachet but will hold all 8 cachets—simply rotate the cachet that is face out to keep the display fresh. Click the picture to BUY one or more display stands. Price includes heavy duty shipping carton and postage to a USA address.

Deluxe 38-inch long by 23-inch tall framed set shows all 8 cachets, plus (centered) the text on the back of all 8 cachets. $380 includes: custom mat framing, extra packing, insurance, and shipping via UPS ground to a USA address.

Click the picture to BUY a custom framed display.

To Buy the Cachet Envelopes Individually, Click Here.

These cachets are a project of the World War I Armistice Centennial Commemoration Committee to observe the 100th anniversary of the signing of the WWI Armistice, November 11, 1918 ending The Great War. The Committee is chaired by Maj. Gen. J. Michael Myatt, USMC (Ret.), and Judge Quentin L. Kopp (Ret.), president of the Korean War Memorial Foundation. The Committee was formed by community members with support from the War Memorial Board of Trustees to organize exhibits and activities to commemorate the Armistice Centennial. San Francisco’s projects and exhibits were selected by the U.S. World War One Centennial Commission as one of its official 100 American Cities 100 Memorials.

MacGowan and Lombardy’s The Great War card game

Win World War One in an Hour

with this 2-player or solo game!

MacGowan and Lombardy's The Great War game

A collaboration by Game Manufacturers (GAMA) Hall of Fame graphic artist Rodger B. MacGowan  and award-winning game designer Dana Lombardy (Streets of Stalingrad, Russia’s Great War 1914). Scroll down to see latest rules, sample cards and examples of play from MacGowan and Lombardy’s The Great War™ card game.


The game is available as well as add-ons here. Click HERE to sign up for email updates and offers.

“My first impression of the game was that there was probably going to be too much chance—luck of the draw in the game play—rather than strategy. But there is a lot more to it: when to play your nationality cards or the neutral cards, and bluffing like poker. I like the nuance.”
—playtester Eric Hosler

  • Designed for fast play.
  • Cards illustrated with Rodger MacGowan’s artwork or colorized historical photos. A great way for Rodger’s fans to collect his WW1 art!
  • Core game cards presented in standard decks (deuce through ace, 4 suits) and can be used for any traditional card game.


Download the Cards, Rules, etc. below

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2021: The links below go to version 6.0 of the rules and other components.

Game overview

Latest rules

REVISED Decks and Discards Play Mat (May 2022)

Solitaire Rules

Quick-Play Card

Examples of play

Card Samples – All Decks

War of the Worlds Backstory

War of the Worlds Rules

Battle Mat

Teacher’s Guide

The Box Cover


Listen to Dana Lombardy’s interview at Harold on Games on SoundCloud

Listen to Dana in a No Dice No Glory podcast that goes into the background of M&L The Great War as well as discussions of wargame design theory, World War One history, and more.


Game reviewer and podcaster/vlogger Stuka Joe interviewed me at Consimworld Expo in early September 2021 where I explained how this Kickstarter project went sideways. The part where I discuss the World War One card game begins at the 43:48 point of the 57-minute interview. In the first 43 minutes I talk about the battle history, design evolution, and show some artwork of my future (fourth) edition of Streets of Stalingrad – this version of SOS will NOT be a monster game like two of the previous ones that had 2,000 playing pieces and a huge 8-foot long game map.

Stuka Joe Interview

World War One minigames

These quick-playing minigames can be enjoyed solitaire or 2-player

Just $10 each in our Shop—or get all four for $30!

Zeppelin Raider
Terror from the Skies
Fly against—or as—one of the MONSTERS OF THE AIR. Diceless.
(First published in World War One Illustrated magazine No. 1)

Assassination in Sarajevo
Can the Austrian Royal Couple Survive?
Was war inevitable in 1914? Requires 1 six-sided die.
(First published in World War One Illustrated magazine No. 2)

On to Paris!
Can the Germans Win the Great War in 1914? Requires 13 six-sided dice.
(First published in World War One Illustrated magazine No. 3)

Russia’s Great War: 1914*
Can the Tsar’s armies win in East Prussia? Requires 3 six-sided dice.
(First published in World War One Illustrated magazine No. 4)
Download a free Russia’s Great War 1914 mini-game tutorial here.
*2019 Serious Play Conference award-winner in Educational Board Game category.

World War One Illustrated is a publication of World War One Historical Association. Click the magazine’s title for information on issues 1–9, available through Lombardy Studios Shop. Click here to read the backstory on the creation of World War One Illustrated magazine.

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World War One Illustrated magazine

Dana Lombardy published WORLD WAR ONE ILLUSTRATED for the nonprofit World War One Historical Association from 2013 to 2018. (Click here to read the backstory.) WWOI presents:

  • The most recent research
  • Comparative diagrams and analysis
  • Illustrations and photographs throughout
  • Operational, strategic and tactical maps created specially in color for the magazine – in issue #9 the first day of Verdun is a unique composite of separate French and German maps
  • “Amazing War Stories” in every issue, inspired by the Ripley’s Believe It or Not newspaper comic

And more about the Great War.

Issues 1–9 were designed and edited by Dana and are available through our Shop page. Issues 1–4 came with a board game and can be ordered with or without the game. (To learn more about the games, go to World War One MiniGames.)

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